If you are experiencing intermediate error such as HTR Flow Failure messages coming from the display of your topside control centre, verify the water condition & water level threshold requirement found in the owner's manual.

There's not sufficient water going through the heating element - This is detected by the intake sensor and the outlet sensor of the heater element, uneven reading parameter will result in the heater system being disabled temporarily.

If you are experiencing such an error, please verify the following criteria below:

Closed control valves: By closing your control valves, you may also cause the system to have poor water circulation . The control valves are the black/grey control knobs surrounding on the top of your spa, please verify what type of valves you currently have, you can learn more here: Control valves & jets features

Closed Jets: Our spas come with a perfect combination of directional and massage jets distributed in 3 sizes (2.25", 3.5" and 5")* to provide the best relaxing and massage experience. The jets are adjustable which allows the user to increase or reduce the flow of water by individually turning each Jet face and are interchangeable which allows the user to customize each seat or section of the tub as long as the jets are the same size - If to many jets are closed, you are obstructing the water flow when running the pump(s). You can learn more about our jets here: Jets Replacement & use

Clogged Filter(s): Depending on your water condition, verify for possible clogged/dirty filter(s) - Filters are an essential part of the optimal performance of your hot tub. Clogged or deteriorated filters may not only facilitate the growth of bacteria but also may restrict the flow of water being pumped through the system causing permanent damages to main components such as the heater, pump, etc. Depending on the use of the Spa.

 To learn more about our filters, please see here: Glacier Microban Filters Maintenance

Airlock: A blockage of condensed air stuck within the water system/heater system. Such obstruction can cause the infamous "airlock" in hot tubs, you can learn more on how to perform an airlock solution by checking here: Remove Airlock procedure 

Please note: This is typically accompanied with "HTR MAY BE DRY ----- --" message, if it is not appearing it is likely not an airlock related issue.

Sensors Malfunction: At rare circumstances, these heater element sensors can experience malfunction, failure either by manufacturer defect or by external by-product buildup of calcium and impurities that may have coated the sensors, causing it to receive false readings.

It is important to maintain the water chemistry and perform the required intervals water change, chemical use - to learn more about your spa maintenance, see here: Maintain my spa chemistry

If the problem persists, please check out for further instructions here: Troubleshooting Circulation issue/No flow