We recommend the purchase of our Canadian Spa Company line of chemicals and maintenance products which have been tested and proven with our spas.

These can be purchased individually or in kits (Deluxe or Portable) through our website.*

We advise against using salt water treatments in any of our spas as it can be harsh on spa components.

We suggest using Chlorine Granules (Dichlor type) as a sanitizer since this method is easier to measure out and control.

Floating dispensers are not recommended for spas with capacities less than 1400L and need to be monitored to prevent chemical damage.** 

Bromine in granular form is also compatible with our spas, however it requires more maintenance as it tends to gradually lower the Alkalinity level which can in turn throw off the pH level.

While your sanitizer levels are important, it is equally important to ensure that the pH and Alkalinity levels are always balanced. Low Alkalinity and imbalanced pH can cause corrosive water.

All chemical levels should be tested regularly using the test strips provided. 

If you use the spa frequently during the week, it would be best to test daily. Otherwise, testing weekly is recommended.

Water changes depend on usage, however, we recommend changing the spa water completely at least once every 3 months.


Adjust your chemistry in steps in the following order: 

1. Test using testing strips provided.

2. Adjust Alkalinity: If Alkalinity level is good, move to step 4. If high, lower pH (use pH Down). If low, use Alkalinity Booster.

3. Allow time to circulate. Test.

4. Adjust pH: If pH level is good, move to step 6. If not, use pH Up/pH Down as necessary.

5. Allow time to circulate. Test. 

6. Adjust Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine) if necessary.

7. Allow time to circulate. Test. 

8. If results of last test are good, leave spa cover off to allow fumes to escape (run jets for 1 full cycle/15-30 minutes). If not, adjust as required.

NOTE: Please follow the directions on your chemical containers as results will vary depending on spa usage, size of spa, amount of chemicals used, etc.

*Available to customers in Canada, the US, and the UK.

**Chemical damage is not covered under warranty. For additional information regarding dispensers, please see our solution "How do chemical dispensers work?"