Our Spas come with a perfect combination of Directional and Massage Jets distributed in 3 sizes (2.25", 3.5" and 5")* to provide the best relaxing and massage experience. The Jets are Adjustable which allows the user to increase or reduce the flow of water by individually turning each Jet face and are Interchangeable which allows the user to customize each seat or section of the tub as long as the jets are the same size. These features will guarantee the Spa can meet all your needs and preferences.

"Hurricane" style jet

To replace a Jet, you can follow the steps below. Please note that the power to the spa does not need to be turned off and the spa does not have to be drained. Using rubber gloves will make it easier to get a grip on the facing if there is water present.

1. To remove the Jet from the Tub, simply turn the facing to the left (counter-clockwise) until it stops turning. Once you have reached this point, continue to twist counter-clockwise (please note that it is completely normal to feel some resistance) until the jet pops up.  You can then pull the jet out while the facing is raised. If you keep turning counter-clockwise and do not pull the jet out, it will click back into place.

2. If you will install a brand new Jet, you would need to separate the Jet from the insert/housing since that piece is already on the acrylic surface of the tub and therefore it won't be needed. To do this, simply grab the Jet face and pull it off.

3. To install the new Jet, simply push inward and turn clockwise until it clicks into place. Make sure you properly align the tab on the Jet with the Tab on the insert piece on the acrylic surface.

NOTE: When the Jets get deteriorated due to chemical damage, only the face plate will come off. In this case, before you can install a replacement Jet as indicated above, you would need to remove the Jet backing that remains stuck inside the Jet Insert/housing.

To remove the stuck Jet backing, grab it using pliers and turn counter clockwise until it pops out. Now you would have a regular Jet insert to get the replacement Jet installed.

To watch a video showing a Jet replacement, click HERE.

*For models manufactured on or before 2016, the smaller size may be 2". We recommend to always measure the diameter of the Jet face to confirm proper size.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.