An Airlock occurs when large pockets of air get stuck in your pump and reduce flow.

If your hot tub is experiencing circulation issues (pump is turning on but there is no flow) this may be the case. 


  1. Turn off your spa breaker/electrical connection
  2. Remove the cabinet panel in front of the pump (far right cabinet panel when standing in front of the topside, there will be a vent on the panel)
  3. Loosen the top Union Nut (circled in yellow) to allow air to come out (note that the blade valves circled in red should all be in the UP position)
  4. Once water starts flowing (and no more air) re-tighten the Union Nut
  5. Turn power on and check your system


NOTE: To reduce the chances of an airlock in the first place, be sure to fill up your tub by placing the garden hose in the filter housing. 

Also, when your spa is priming itself (Pr or RUN PMPS, PURG AIR is displayed on the topside), press the “Jets” button to force air out of the lines.

If this does not work, please click on our solution Troubleshooting a Circulation Issue/No Flow for more tips or contact Customer Service.