When water isn’t allowed to properly flow through the connections and/or filter, it reduces circulation throughout the entire spa.

This can cause error codes to appear on the display, pump/pressure issues, dirty water, etc. 

There are a few things you can check to resolve this issue.


  • Check the filters. We recommend cleaning filters regularly and changing completely every 3-4 months*
  • Ensure that the water level reaches the bottom of the LED lights
  • Ensure that all the jets are open, if closed flow would be restricted
  • Check the suction port in the foot well of the tub for any obstructions
  • Turn the Diverter valve(s) to allow more flow throughout the entire spa
  • Loosen the pump union which has been circled in yellow in the picture below to release an airlock in the system (until only water and no more air comes out)**
  • Pull up the three blade valves (circled in red) so they are all in the open position (all the way up)**

*It would be a good idea to change your filters sooner if you use the spa frequently. Simply cleaning and reusing the same filters will not suffice. New filters can be purchased directly or through our retailers.

**Locations of these parts will vary depending on the spa model.

If this does not work, and to ensure that we can provide you with the correct assistance, please send through the following pieces of information to Customer Service:

  • Original purchaser information (full name, shipping address, telephone number, where product was purchased from)
  • Copy of proof of purchase (showing date)
  • Purchased product (name)
  • Pictures and/or video of the issue (if possible)
  • Picture of manufacturer's plate/serial numbers. ACRYLIC SPAS: Located on the outside of the spa panel on a steel plate

Once we have received this information we will be able to proceed with processing your request. 
Please note that if any repairs or modifications are made to the product without the consent of a Canadian Spa Company representative, the manufacturer's warranty may be considered void.

Thank you,