Toronto Spa internal view diagram, Ozonator circled in blue

What does the Ozonator do?

The Ozonator is just one step in the elaborate filtration process specific to our Acrylic spas.

It is a device that generates and injects ozone into the spa water to aid in maintaining water quality.

Ozone helps disinfect the water to eliminate bacteria and organic material such as body oils, dead skin cells and hair.

How do I know that the Ozonator is working?

The ozone generator will only activate when the spa is running a filtration cycle or Pump 1 is circulating on low speed.

The first thing to check would be the jet in the foot well of the spa. If you do not see bubbles rising from the foot well, please contact us directly for assistance.*

You can also open the cabinet while the filtration cycle is running and check for an indicator light on the Ozonator.

The device will typically be found behind one of the cabinet panels below the Topside display.


If the spa is running a filtration cycle and you do not see an indicator light illuminated on the device, please contact us.

If you are getting a reminder message showing "CHEK O3" (spa models after 2016), follow the instructions above.

This message will appear once every year and is simply reminding you to check the Ozonator.

To have the Ozonator checked by an authorized Service Technician, please contact Customer Service.

If you are experiencing a leak from your Ozonator or have found water in the clear tube, please see our solution "Troubleshooting an Ozonator Check Valve".

*Click here to view a video of bubbles rising from the foot well of a spa indicating an operational Ozonator.