If you have discovered water in the clear tubing that connects to the Ozone generator under your spa or are experiencing a leak from the Ozone generator.

This could be due to an improperly placed or faulty Ozonator Check Valve.

One end should allow air to pass through while the other end should not.

There will be two small arrows embossed on the centre portion of the check valve (as seen above). These arrows are pointing toward the end that should not allow air flow.

In order for the check valve to be properly placed, these arrows need to be pointing away from the clear tubing which connects to the ozonator.

To make sure that it is not faulty, remove the black check valve and blow on each end (may require a little force to be sure).

If you are able to blow through both ends, this is a case of a faulty check valve and a replacement will be necessary.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.