Balboa TP600 Topside for BP501 Control Pack

The Balboa BP System has a feature that provides reminder messages which appear on the Topside display. The reminder messages are generated by an internal timer that tracks how long the Control Pack has been powered on. 

The system does not actually have the ability to check the pH, filter condition, water chemistry, etc. The message will appear regardless of the actual condition because it is solely prompted by the timer.

It is a good practice to perform the displayed task in order to ensure that your spa is always balanced and maintained correctly. If you are certain that the task does not need to be performed, simply press either the Temp Up or Temp Down button to dismiss the message. Another message may appear (see examples below), but once you have performed the task, you can dismiss this as well.

Performing Tasks

CHNG WATR: Change the water. We recommend changing the spa water at least 2 times per year depending on use.

CLN COVR: Clean the spa cover. Cleaning the top and underside of the cover with a solution of mild soap and water is the safest method. Any strong detergents used on the underside of the cover may effect the spa chemistry.

CHEK PH: Check the pH level. Please note that low Alkalinity and imbalanced pH can cause corrosive water.

CHEK CHEM: Check the water chemistry. All chemical levels should be tested regularly using the test strips provided. If you use the spa frequently during the week, it would be best to test daily. Otherwise, testing weekly is recommended. Please be sure to adjust your spa chemistry in the following order: 1. Alkalinity, 2. pH, 3. Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine).

CHNG FLTR: Change the filter. We recommend inserting a brand new filter/set of filters every 3-4 months.

CLN FLTER: Clean the filter. The filter(s) should be cleaned regularly depending on use. Filter Cleaning Solution can be purchased directly through our website in Canada, the US, the UK, and France.

TEST GFCI: Test the GFCI breaker/plug. If your spa is hardwired to an external GFCI breaker, simply press the test button. If the spa turns off, the GFCI breaker is functional. For Plug & Play spas, please see our solution "Testing the GFCI on a Plug & Play Spa".

CHEK OZ (E047): Check the Ozonator. Please see our solution "Ozone Generator Check-up" for further instructions.

SRVC CHEK (E048): Service check-up. It is recommended that you have the spa inspected by an authorized Service Technician to ensure that the spa is in working order.

To watch a video showing how to dismiss a reminder message, click HERE.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.