Pressing one of the Temperature Adjustment buttons will cause the LED display to flash. While it is flashing, set the desired temperature by pressing the Up or Down button. 

The value will increase or decrease by 1°F/ 1°C with each press. If you hold the button for 2 seconds, the values will increase/decrease rapidly. 

Once the desired temperature has been selected, press the red Heat button to begin heating. 

While in heating mode, the Heat button will illuminate and display a solid red light. 

Once the set temperature has been attained, the PCU will enter standby mode and the red light will flash.* 

This means that the spa is ready to be enjoyed!

Initial Start Up

The initial heat up will take 24-48 hours since the spa is operating on a standard household outlet (120V).

This longer start up process is common among Plug & Play models (Acrylics and Portables), but once the desired temperature has been attained, it will continue to monitor the temperature and ensure that it is maintained.

Be sure to keep the spa cover on during this process to help speed it up.

*2016 models will have an energy efficiency function which allows a temperature difference of 3-4 degrees from the set temperature.

For more information, please see our solution "PCU Temperature Variance".

NOTE: Do not plug the GFCI into an extension cord. Your spa should be plugged directly into a dedicated household outlet to reduce chances of damage.
Please also ensure that the plug makes full contact with the outlet.