If the heat light on your PCU is flashing to indicate that the desired temperature has been reached but the displayed temperature is approximately down 4 degrees from the set temperature, this is completely normal.

Our Portable Control Units have been designed to allow a temperature difference of 3-4 degrees from the set temperature.

When you notice that the heat light is flashing, this simply means that the unit has entered standby mode.

This allows our units to be more energy efficient and prolongs their lifespans by preventing them from continuously turning on and off after a temperature difference of only 1 degree. 

The heater will reactivate on its own once the temperature has dropped 4 degrees from the set temperature.

It will then heat until it has reached the desired temperature once again.

However, if the unit goes into standby but you would like it to continue heating, simply press the heat button.

The light would then become solid and continue heating to the set temperature.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.