This is an instructional guide showing how to replace an O-Ring on a Portable Control Unit (PCU).

Sometimes when you notice leaking coming from your portable spa, the cause could be an old O-ring. If you have determined that the leaking is not coming from the PCU, a tear in the liner, the filter housing lid, or a faulty blower check valve using the following tests, you may need to replace an O-ring to stop the leak. 

How to diagnose a Faulty Blower Check Valve

PCU leaking from the bottom: PCU failure or Faulty Blower Check Valve on Liner?

Leaking Filter Housing Lid

Follow the steps below to replace an old O-ring:

  1. Either visit our website ( ) or contact us at 1-(877)-347-7727 to order a replacement O-ring.
  2. Remove the old O-ring from the PCU Port.  
  3. Place the replacement O-ring on the PCU Port. 
  4. Reconnect the Connector Hose to the PCU Port. Use slight force to evenly push the end of the Connector Hose into the PCU Port. Screw to tighten and seal the Connector Hose.

If you require further assistance, please watch our instructional video by clicking HERE.