This is an instructional guide showing what to check if there is a leak coming from your portable spa's Filter Housing Lid.

If water is leaking from the filter housing lid on your portable spa, this could be a happening for a variety of reasons including the lid being cross-threaded or the o-ring not being properly seated.

When twisting on and tightening the filter housing lid, be careful not to cross-thread. 

To make sure this is not the case, remove the lid, place back on lightly and try turning backwards until you hear a "click" then begin to gently turn forward.

Please also try purging the air from the PCU to remove an air lock by following these steps:

1. Turn OFF or unplug the unit.
2. Unscrew the air purge valve (flower-shaped knob) counter-clockwise, you should hear a hissing sound then see water come out.
3. Bleed filter housing until water escapes and no more air, tighten back up.
4. Turn on Filter mode and check for circulation at discharge port in tub.

If this does not resolve the issue, please check to make sure the black Filter Housing O-ring is properly seated and still intact.

It should be placed in the ridge of the filter housing rather than the lid (see examples of correct placement below):



If you see that the o-ring is stuck in the lid, it must be removed and placed in the filter housing ridge as shown above.*

You can use a very thin instrument to gently scoop the o-ring out of the lid (ex: small flat head screwdriver used to repair eyeglasses).

If the ring is damaged in the process, it will not seal properly and a replacement will be necessary.**

If the issue you are experiencing is that the lid does not close completely, please ensure that you are using the correct filter.

*NOTE: If an o-ring is caught in the lid and another is placed in the filter housing ridge, it will not seal properly.

All parts of the previous o-ring must be removed before placing another.

**Available to customers in Canada, the US, and the UK.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.