If water leaks from the bottom of your PCU, it might be a result of an internal fault in the PCU or a faulty blower check valve in the Spa Liner. In order to confirm the source of the leak and the defective component, a simple test can be completed.


1. Fill the spa at least above the 3 Ports inside the tub.

2. Connect the 3 threaded caps to the inlets and outlet within the spa.

3. Disconnect the PCU from the 3 connector hoses (leave the connector hoses attached to the spa) and move the PCU away from the tub to clearly separate them.

4. Observe if there is water leaking from the Blower Port (also known as the Jets Port). Please note that water may leak from the other 2 ports (Intake and Discharge) if the Port Caps previously placed inside the Tub do not seal properly, but this is not an indication of a fault.

                     Blower Port on a V1 Spa

                         Blower Port on a V2 Spa

5. If water leaks out of the Blower Port where only air should be passing through, this is a case of a faulty tub check valve in the Blower Port. Since the Check Valve is integrated into the Liner, the Liner would need to be replaced in order to rectify the issue. 

6. If there is no water leaking from the Blower Port on the Liner, then you can confirm the source of the leak you have reported is an internal component in the PCU. To resolve the issue, the PCU would need to be sent to us for Inspection & Repairs (if you have the V2 PCU) or the PCU would need to be replaced.

Once you have completed the test and in order to receive assistance, please log a support ticket HERE letting us know the results.