Note: Keep in mind that the rapid deterioration of the jets could be due to either: A) Excessive sanitizer compound in the water, or B) Improper levels of pH and alkaline. 

The degradation of jets is a natural occurrence and will occur over time due to factors such as wear and tear, consistent pump and flow pressure, mineral build-ups (such as calcium and magnesium, depending on the water source), and water chemistry. 

Important: Jets are indeed interchangeable and cleanable. It's important to periodically remove and wash them, especially when changing or replacing the water. Regular maintenance of the jets helps ensure optimal performance and longevity - To learn more about our jet's features, please check out our article solution link here: How Jets Work

  • If the Alkalinity is off, the pH will not be stable, risking the water chemistry to become more acidic. Additionally, considering the source of water, water hardness may accelerate and cause further damage to the plastic, such as the jets, due to mineral build-up (calcium, etc.).
  • We recommend balancing the Alkalinity first before adjusting the pH. Once these two balancers are at the appropriate level, you can then balance out the chlorine levels (preferably using granule form).

Try to avoid floating dispensers and tablets/pucks, as they can add an unmeasured amount and cause excessive chlorine at certain times throughout the day.

For more insight and solutions on chemical use and maintenance, please check out our online article's links below: