The control pack system is the central operational hub of a spa, responsible for powering every component and optimizing spa functionality when turned on.

  • This critical system comprises a large main board securely housed within a protective shell pack, ensuring safety and durability. 
  • The control pack plays a direct role in managing the heater element positioned just below it, along with the pump, lights, and essentially all components requiring power, all connected to this circuit board.
  • The size and features of the control pack may vary based on the production date, series, or model.

Certified electricians and technicians will access this circuit board for repairs, upgrades, or electrical installations or by owners when winterizing the spa. 

Note: it's possible to convert the control pack system from 120V to 240V or vice versa. For detailed information on how to convert your hot tub electrical setup, please refer to our solution article here: Electrical Installation - Converting a 120V Balboa BP to 240V (

Typically located at the primary side of the spa beneath the topside control center, the control pack is conventionally set up inside.

(Model illustration below may differ)