This is an instructional guide detailing the steps required to convert the 120 volt Plug and Play Control Pack (Balboa BP501) to a 240 volt power supply.


When operating on 120V, the Plug & Play spas will only run the low speed jets at the same time as the heater. Activating the high speed jets will automatically turn off the heater.

Converting your 120V system to 240V allows the spa to heat while the high speed jets are running. 

Please note that the voltage of the pump will remain the same (2HP 120V) as it is not 240V compatible.

This conversion requires a few changes within the Control Pack and does not require any additional parts except for the required power supply. T

o see a video showing the required changes, click HERE 

All Acrylic Plug & Play models require a 240V external GFCI Circuit Breaker.*


*GFCI Circuit Breaker must be 40A at least but please consult your electrician for further details.


PLEASE NOTE: This conversion should be completed by a licensed electrician. In order to remain under warranty, we require that you call in while the conversion is taking place and/or take pictures of the wiring in the Control pack AS WELL as the wiring in the required external GFCI Breaker Box after installation. 

For additional information that will aid in a trouble free conversion, please see the "Running the Electrical into the Cabinet" and "Correct Wiring for a 240V Supply" solutions in our Acrylic Service Solutions section.