The popular Balboa Pack unit systems is a central control for the system that would otherwise manages the various functions and features of a hot tub, a small computer!

It typically includes a control panel, a circuit board, and other electronic components that control things such as the jet pumps, blowers, lighting, and temperature settings. 

  • Some control pack units may also include additional features such as water filtration or water treatment systems (AO3P, Ozone and much more)
  • It connects to the various elements of the hot tub and allows you to control the spa functions through a user interface such as a digital display or control panel. 

The most common Control Packs in the market are from Balboa, Gecko, and more.

There are a few different Control Pack unit systems found across all of our Canadian Spa - Series*

  1. The popular CNBP501X is by default integrated on the majority of our 240v series & few limited 120v series such as the Yukon 2-person Spa. 
  2. Some units running at 120v such as the Yukon, may contain the CNBP501X or a regular CNBP501*

Note: CNBP501x are no longer found in our newest 240v series and have been replaced by the CNBP501 (non-x)

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