Filters are an essential part of the optimal performance of your Hot Tub. Clogged or deteriorated Filters may not only facilitate the growth of bacteria but also may restrict the flow of water being pumped through the system causing permanent damages to main components such as the Heater, Pump, etc. Depending on the use of the Spa, it is recommendable to clean the Filters in a weekly basis and to replace them with brand new Filters every 3-4 months.

To replace your Filters you do not need to shut the Spa power off. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Locate the Filter Housing of your Swim Spa and slide the face plate from bottom to top to take it off.

2. Remove the Skimmer Basket to access to the Filters.

3. Our 13' & 16' St. Lawrence Swim Spas use 4 x 200 Sq Ft Swim Spa Microban Filters2 Top and 2 Bottom FiltersEach Top Filter slides on a Bottom one that is threaded into the Filter Housing*.  To remove them, grab the Top one and unscrew the Bottom Filter from the Filter Housing. If you find some resistance, you may need to slightly shake the Top Filter to be able to remove it from the Bottom one. Repeat the same procedure for the other pair of Filters.

4. To install the new Filters, screw the 2 Bottom Filters with threads into the Filter Housing. Then slide down both Top Filters ensuring the handles are up. 

5. Place the Skimmer Basket making sure to align it with the channel to fully slide it in.

6. Finally, place the face plate in position to slide it down. Make sure to properly align the tabs to ensure there are no gaps.

*The 20' Swim Spa also uses 2 x 50 ft² Threaded Microban Filter for the Hot Tub side.

To watch a video showing how to replace the Filters in a St Lawarence Swim Spa, click HERE.