The Ozone Generator, produces Ozone to aid in the oxidation of the spa water and to reduce chemical use. In some cases, the generator may present signs of corrosion generally due to chemical damage which may result in water leaking from it. 

In order to have the Ozone Generator replaced, follow the steps below.

1. Make sure the power to the Hot Tub is OFF. For a Plug and Play Spa, unplug the GFCI head from the power outlet, for a hardwired Spa, flip the GFCI OFF.

2. Remove all front panels of your Spa by unscrewing the vertical strips that hold them in place. The Ozone Generator is usually located below the topside control as shown below.

3. Open the Control System to disconnect the Ozone Generator from the Circuit Board

4. Using your fingers, pull the connector as shown below.

5. To fully release the wire from the Control System, remove the tension restringer by using an screwdriver. Then cut the zip ties that hold the cables together and remove some spray foam that may be covering the wire. Once released, feed the cable back until it reaches the Ozone Generator.

6. Pull the left hose attached to the Ozone Generator and using the screwdriver, proceed to remove the Ozone Generator from the Spa's frame.

7. To install the new Ozone Generator, simply reverse all steps above. 

8. Once installed, a green indicator light should turn ON while the tub runs the filtration cycles. 

To watch a video of this replacement, please click HERE. For additional assistance, log a support ticket HERE.