If ever you find an LED light on your spa is no longer illuminating, chances are it is due to a loose connection. 

This is a simple problem to identify and resolve without the need for a service technician in most cases. 

  LED light connections can be loosened over time by vibrations, service calls, or arrive loose due to movement during shipping. 

  By opening up the spa's cabinet panels, you can visually search for loose connections on the perimeter light strands, the connection to the Control System and the main LED light and housing.  Loose connections are fairly easy to re-connect. 

NOTE: Before you start, please make sure you flip your GFCI OFF or for Plug & Play Spas, unplug it from the power outlet.

Case #1: If a portion of the perimeter LED lights are not illuminating, it is usually just a loose connection (highlighted in yellow). Simply remove the cabinet panel in the location of the lights that are not illuminating, and check for any loose connections.


Case #2: If none of the LED lights on your spa are illuminating, then it is likely that the main connection has come loose.
Find the large main LED light within the hot tub, the LED light housing will be directly behind the lens you see inside the hot tub basin.
Remove the cabinet panel to reveal the main LED light's housing and cables (circled in red).
By rotating the white plastic LED light housing counter-clockwise, you will unscrew it from the lens. Then, simply make sure the LED light is fully connected to the black cable connection. Replace LED light housing by screwing it back into place, rotating it clockwise.  


To watch a video showing what to check for, please click HERE.

If you need further assistance, please log a support ticket HERE