If your inflatable spa is not reaching the full 29" before filling with water, it either requires more air or is being affected by the ambient temperature. 

1. Place the spa in a suitable location on a clean, flat and level surface*


2. Attach the Inflation Hose to the Blower Port on the PCU and connect to the Inflation Port on the spa**


3. Press the Jet Massage button to inflate the spa bladder


Keep filling with air until all wrinkles disappear. 

It may seem like the bladder is no longer filling but it is slowly working to reduce the wrinkles.

If after filling with more air the wrinkles still have not disappeared and the height has not increased, it may be due to cooler ambient temperatures.

In this case, please fill with water and begin heating as normal. The air in the bladder will expand once the spa has been heated for the first time.

If you are unsure of the size and would like us to review, please send the following information:

  • Original purchaser information (full name, shipping address, telephone number, where product was purchased from)
  • Copy of proof of purchase (showing date)
  • Purchased product (name)
  • Pictures of the current state of the spa
  • Pictures of serial numbers. PORTABLE SPAS: Serial number on the white label on the control unit which starts with "CSC" AND serial number on the outside of the tub liner which starts with "JL"

*Ensure that the surface is 100% level by measuring with a Construction Level. Spread out the Portable Spa Ground Cloth that is provided for added protection and insulation.

**Filling with another device other than the PCU blower (such as a compressor, etc) can cause warping or other damage. Please use the PCU blower only.

Do not permanently cover the holes on the inflation hose, but rather hold it with a towel (as it can get hot while in use).