This is an instructional guide showing how to confirm if there is a leak if your portable spa's inflatable lid is constantly deflating.

The inflatable lids have the tendency to expand and contract depending on the ambient temperature.

It may get soft in cooler weather and seem like it is deflating but in fact the lid bladder has simply expanded.

To be sure that this is the case, you can take the inflatable bladder indoors to perform a check:

  1. Inflate the bladder until solid.
  2. Allow the lid to sit at room temperature for 24 hours.
  3. If the lid does not become soft, the lid has been changing with the ambient temperature and there is no leak. Simply add a little more air when it becomes soft.
  4. If the lid still deflates, contact Customer Service.


Just to be sure that there isn't an actual air leak, please remove the inflatable bladder portion and perform the following checks:

  1. Clean the check valve thoroughly and ensure that it is properly sealed (if there is debris caught in the valve, it will allow air to escape).
  2. Lubricate the check valve fitting with soapy water and press on the bladder to force air out. If bubbles form, this is the source.
  3. Apply a solution of soapy water to the entire inflatable bladder (especially the seams). Press on the bladder to force air out. If bubbles form, you will be able to mark the location of the leak. 

If you have located a leak, please provide the following information to Customer Service to ensure that we can provide you with the correct assistance:

  • Original purchaser information (shipping address, full name, telephone number, where product was purchased from) 
  • Purchased spa (name) 
  • Pictures of the issue (lid, location of leak)
  • Pictures of serial numbers. PORTABLE SPAS: Serial number on the white label on the control unit which starts with "CSC" AND serial number on the outside of the tub liner which starts with "JL"

If you are no longer under warranty and wish to purchase a replacement Inflatable Lid, please click here to purchase from our website.*

If you are interested in a hard foam cover that offers additional insulation, please click here to view our Swift Current Hard Top Cover.**

Leaks around the check valve can be caused by the valve not being centered in the vinyl cover (hole in the fabric underneath is not centered causing the valve to bend).

If this is the case, please click here to view our video showing how to centre it and prevent future leaks.

(for Canadian customers, US customers can contact us directly)

** (for Swift Current Spa models only)