Dispensers for Chlorine or Bromine pucks/tabs can be a suitable treatment method as long as they are closely monitored and maintained to prevent chemical damage.*

When trying to find the right balance for your dispenser, start off with the least amount of exposure (one puck/tab and the lowest dosage on the dispenser). 

This way you can slowly increase the amount (if necessary) depending on the test strip results.**

Dispensers can have different ways to expose the chemical that you would have to adjust (holes, slots, etc). 

When increasing the dosage, be sure to go from the lowest level to the next level (do not adjust from lowest to highest).

After adjusting to the next dosage level, allow the water to circulate for an hour then perform another test strip check. Keep increasing and testing this way until you get the desired sanitizer level.

If you reach the highest dosage and find that one puck/tab is not enough, add another but adjust the dispenser to the lowest dosage once more.

Follow the same process as before (adjusting and testing after one hour of circulation) until you get the right balance.

NOTE: In terms of sanitizers (Chlorine or Bromine), granular forms are recommended since they are easier to measure out and control. 

Pucks/tabs are best used in spas with larger water capacities (more than 1400 L) such as Swim Spas. 

If there is any confusion, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions on the container or give us a call.

*Damage determined to be a result of improper chemical treatment is not covered under warranty.

**For step-by-step instructions regarding basic chemical treatment, please see our solution "How do I maintain my spa chemistry?".