This is an instructional guide detailing troubleshooting tips to dismiss the E7 Error Code.


The E7 Error Code has been implemented to indicate when the Portable Control Unit (PCU) senses very high temperatures (120 Celsius) within the Heater usually coinciding with a dry heater. 

This indicates a Fault with the system such as a worn sensor, Pressure Switch or corroded connection.

Due to the sensitive nature of the sensors and control electronics it is possible that the error code was triggered by a surge in the supply power, a momentary loss of supply power or even the effect of lightning.



Perform the PCU RESET by plugging in the GFCI then press the TEST BUTTON on the GFCI. Wait 5 seconds then press the RESET BUTTON. 

If the E7 error code persists, please contact Customer Service as this is not user correctable.