This is an instructional guide detailing the E4 Error Code.


The E4 Error Code indicates a condition where the PCU has detected a temperature that is 36 Fahrenheit (2 Celsius) or colder. 

If you are starting up your spa for the first time in freezing conditions and filling with cold water, the E4 will disable all functions to protect from possible damage (ex: ice running through the impeller). 

In the event of a momentary loss of power or power surge, the GFCI will trip and the unit will turn off.

If the heat is not manually reactivated, the heating will not begin and the water temperature will drop in cold conditions, triggering an E4 (water too cold) error.



Anytime an error code appears first perform the PCU RESET by plugging in the GFCI then press the TEST BUTTON on the GFCI - wait 5 seconds -then press the RESET BUTTON. 

This will reset the Control Pack, if the error code returns then you will need to follow the corrective steps for that code.

You will need to raise the temperature of the water to above 36 F (2 C) in order to run the PCU.

The ideal start off temperature would be around 50 F (10 C) or higher but please be sure not to exceed 100 F.

You can raise the temperature by draining half of the cold water and adding half warm water.

If you are unable to perform this procedure right away, we recommend bringing the PCU (Portable Control Unit) into a warm environment to prevent possible freezing damage.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.