The ideal maximum temperature on the Portable Control Unit is 104°F.

If your PCU only allows you to set the temperature up to 100°F or is displaying a temperature higher than 104°F, it may be set to an alternate high temperature limit.

If you press and hold the Filter AND Blower/Jet Massage buttons down simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds, the display will flash F - 0, 1, or 2 (as seen in pictures below).

You can cycle through and select a different mode by pressing either the Temperature Up or Down button.*

F- 0 sets the High limit to 104°F

F- 1 sets the High limit to 100°F

F- 2 sets the high limit to 108°F**

*If you do not press either the Up or Down button to change the mode while it is flashing, it will save the displayed mode after approximately 5 seconds.

**IMPORTANT: The spa is designed to operate at 104°F, but if the user overrides the temperature they can set it higher. Overriding the temperature is not advised and is only done at the user’s discretion. Canadian Spa Company does not endorse using the spa at temperatures over 104°F.