For your spa, the cover lifter can make a world of difference.

 We have listed the benefits are below;
Top Mount Cover Lifter Shown
  1. Makes it far easier to take the cover on and off and less strain on your body.
  2. Protects your spa cover from resting on the ground which can lead to knocks, scratches, and rough handling.
  3. Cleaning of the cover is much more convenient. 
  4. Just need 50cm behind the spa to operate the lifting mechanism
  5. Helps your cover last longer and for the best heat retention longevity. 
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35cm space is required  behind the spa for the Top & 50cm for Bottom mount 
We also have brackets for the top mount cover lifter if you wish to purchase just these.
Breaking often? 

This could be due to your cover being too heavy on the brackets.
Fitting of Top Mount cover lifter video

Article published by Ali Green