In the event of a sudden or gradual leak in your spa, don't panic. There are some factors to consider that can help us address the situation:

  • What is the rate of water loss? 

Is water gushing everywhere? Please call us immediately at 1-877-347-7727.

  • Is it a slow drip that took some time to be noticed? 

Please call or submit a service ticket with your name, address, a contact number, and photos of the leak here: Hot Tub Service – Canadian Spa Company 

  • How and when did you first notice any indication of a leak? 

If you can obtain photos of where you first noticed the water loss, it will provide us with important information on what might be causing the leak.

  • Can you investigate more precisely? 

Even once we know a spa is leaking, we can't determine the necessary parts to stop the leak in a specific situation without your help. 

Note: Removing the siding panels to try to locate and photograph the leak site is the best way to provide us with the information we need to ship parts and send a technician (if necessary) to resolve the issue.