Thanks for your interest in our Canadian Spa Company servicing packages.

Before we proceed, there are a few things that are needed when you are making up your support ticket if you are looking to get booked in. 
Hot tubs: Spring: £300 Silver: £260 Gold: £350 Winterise: £250
Swim Spas: Spring: £400 Silver: £350 Gold: £450 Winterise:£350

Call out including first-hour on-site spa £175. 
Spa Health Check £225 , Swim Spa £375

  1. Your Full name, address & best contact number.
  2. Spa model, picture of silver plate on the side of a Canadian Spa Company model.
  3. Description of the package you wish for and any underlying faults made obvious to us regarding the spa.
  4. A picture of the spa in its location (See example below)
  5. Access on all sides, ideally .7 meters around the whole spa. This is so that an engineer can work around the hot tub easily. 
  6. The spa needs to be filled, heated up, and ready for the engineer's arrival (Spring service is the exemption)
Once we have these details from you, we can then proceed with the order of the service and any parts from our catalogue which is attached (KK- for the part)
The hot tub is filled up with water, accessible on all 4 sides, and is heated up.

Get in touch with us when you can with the details required, by replying to the subject line from this email and any questions call us on 01293 824 094 or make a service ticket.

To make your service ticket

Article published by Ali Green