Gander spa
Time: 16:51pm
Digital clock: Set your current time with its 24-hour setup. The modes will run from this setup time.

Hold lights down for 3-5 seconds - press temp up and down to set your time, in hours and minutes
FS: Purge filter start time: 12:00 
Set which hour of the day you wish for the filter duration to run from 00:00 - 24:00. Use temp up and down to adjust then press lights to set. 
Fd: Filtration running period. 
On-screen 4 hours
How long the filtration period runs for 0 - 24 hours a day, press lights to set.
FF: Filter Frequency, how many times a day fd comes on for
How many times a day the filter duration will activate, 1-4 times a day. Ideally set this for 2 for every 12 hours, and press lights to set. 
Skip Ed, Ep & Es by pressing lights (These are economy settings)

Qr code to open this page on your mobile, easy to use when next to your spa.

Article published by Ali Green