TP500 above

Heater DRY message (HTR-DRY)

Heater FLOW message (HTR - FLOW - LOSS or FAIL)
Heater is too HOT message (OHH)

These messages and checks are valid for the majority of other Balboa system spas too. 

TP200-TP500-TP600-TP700-TP800 Topside Panels.

For any heater messages that appear on your control panel screen, you may want to adjust your mode and reduce the filtration settings, remove the cover to allow the water to cool down if too hot.
Do not use warm or hot water as this can throw the sensor off if done by anything other than hose temperature. The spa will slowly heat up from there to your set temperature.
Use the filter housing when filling up the spa with the hose, not just in the spa seating area. This clears any trapped air through the pipeworkand means the spa will operate accurately.
Make sure the spa is filled up with enough water pressure, ideally halfway up the filter housing face (light blue line below) or just below the pillows.
Check that your suction fitting is not blocked, this is vital to keep water quality and flow sufficiently during the filtration process.
When there is a reduction in water flow, this usually stems from the starting point, your filter housing. 
Do not leave anything in the spa water only a dispenser or water-filled booster seat (See blue cross below)
Once a week it is important to rinse your filter with a hose or use our cleaning brush 
 It is a must to change the filter KA-10082 every 4-5 months, over time the Microban will wear away and will build up with dirt and debris which will restrict the water flow and quality. 
Try running the spa for 1-2 hours without the filter, to eliminate what might be causing the fault. 
The jets within your spa need to be open, and turn clockwise (See light blue arrow below) This helps with water flow throughout the whole tub through the plumbing. When you notice no pressure coming from the jet, check behind the body of the jet for debris as something could be caught behind it (See dark blue arrow below)
The air controller should be open, this is for level jets pressure throughout the whole spa. Turn clockwise to do this. 

Behind your cabinet is a T-gate valve which must be open and pulled up. This is the dam of the whole spa and it needs to be in the up position.
Once you have eliminated these checks the spa should perform as usual. No luck then turn off the mains and then start again by turning the jets on and off again quickly. For any heater messages, you may want to turn down your filter settings etc. 
No Luck? We can arrange a call out but will need a support ticket with your address, telephone number, and fault description made up;

Raise support ticket
Use the QR code below to open up this page from your computer to your mobile phone, useful if next to the spa.

Article published by Ali Green