Our Spas include an upgraded entertainment system equipped with speakers, digital MP3 audio and Bluetooth audio stream sound systems. To set up the Bluetooth feature, follow the steps below:

1. Turn your Spa audio ON by pressing the power button on the audio topside located next to the main topside.

2. Enable the Bluetooth feature in the device being used to play the audio and search for KL-YP04.

3. Select it and pair it, no password is required.

4. Control the volume through the audio topside and enjoy!

Tip: When connecting the Bluetooth 5.0 USB-A to the female USB-A of the hot tub’s audio box, make sure to verify for any debris or/and that the correct side of the USB is inserted


NOTE: If the Bluetooth 5.0 is a complete replacement to an older hot tub that did not come with the same receiver - Do not connect the auxiliary cord and its stabilizer unit, it is no longer required, see below:

2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your wireless device; search the device “KL-YP04” and connect the Bluetooth with the Bluetooth receiver.
3. Enjoy the music and your hot tub.