IMPORTANT: All Electrical installation work must be performed by a qualified electrician and must conform to the local codes.

Before initiating any electrical connections, check to see if the proper sized GFCI is installed - See Owner's Manual specification for required Amperes (default 50A for 240v)

  1. Be sure that the GFCI is rated for more amperage than the system will draw
  2. For a 240v system, the GFCI must include a load neutral out. 

NOTE: if the white load neutral wire is routed from the GFCI neutral bar directly to TB1 in the system box (control pack) The GFCI will trip when a 120v device is activated. This is the most common reason if your hot tub is tripping immediately.

  • If the wiring is correct and the GFCI will not reset, then unplug the heater and try to reset the GFCI. 

  • If the GFCI trips again, then unplug the pump and reset the GFCI. If the GFCI continues to trip, then do the same procedure for the ozone generator. 

  • If the GFCI stops tripping after you unplugged one of the spa’s components, turn off the power to the spa then plug in each component except the one that tripped the GFCI. 

  • Power up the system. If the GFCI no longer trips, then you have correctly identified the problem. 

  • Repair or replace the component as instructed by the spa manufacturer. 

  • If everything looks to be in perfect working order, then the GFCI may be defective.