Instructions For Use

  1. Keep hot tub filled
  2. Remove filter(s), headrests and/or attached pillows
  3. Add contents to hot tub. Use 15ml for up to 1500L / 400 US gal.
  4. Run jets on high and open air intake(s) to create maximum       turbulence. Run for 15 - 30 minutes


  1. Wipe any visual gunk or bio-build-up with a wet towel so
  2. doesn't stick to the acrylic shell
  3. Turn hot tub off and drain, rinse and wipe entire hot tub shell.

Chemical Discoloration can occur if the released gunk sticks to headrests for any

length of time. If you leave the filters in place, they will get totally clogged up with

gunk and the water flow coming out the jets will be drastically reduced, not giving

you an effective purge.

Foaming will occur and is normal. The product is a surfactant and water softener

that breaks the surface tension of the water molecules creating foam.

This gunk has polysaccharides or sugar molecules in it and if left to dry

on the shell it can be time consuming to clean it off. Please wipe it as you see it.


Magic Eraser and a diluted spray bottle of Spa Flush and water can really help

you to do this. 1/3-1/2 tsp in 32 ounces of water is a good dilution. NEVER use

anything that can scratch the acrylic or shell in trying to remove the waterline

gunk. Never use an SOS Pad, Comet, AJAX, Bartender’s Helper or any other

abrasive cleaner for this job. Typically, you refill the tub over the “gunk line”,

chlorinate or brominate as usual, wait a day or so and wipe periodically.

It will come off. 

It is okay to drain the water on grass or vegetation. Keep any pets away until dry.


Be careful not to get the product in concentrated or diluted form in your eyes or on your skin. If you get this in your eyes you must rinse with water for 10-15 minutes


Always wear eye protection goggles when using or handling this product to avoid contact with the eyes

This product can be a strong skin irritant to some people. We recommend that you use rubber or protective gloves when handling or measuring

We do not recommend anyone with a compromised immune system to stand over a tub while the purge is in progress. Inhalation of cleaning fumes can be an irritant