• To troubleshoot and fix the No COM error message, performing certain board modifications is required.

(1). Locate the Control pack, typically located below the topside panel - By removing the panel of the spa below, you will have access to the internal Pump and control pack along with other structural components.

The control pack should state "Balboa" system or/and Canadian spa and be shaped as such, See below:

  • By removing the two top screws of the cover on the control pack, you will gain access to the main board to complete the work.


The image template Board below may not represent the same unit but the connectors should represent under Wi-Fi transceiver or TP (Main) Panels.

Please be aware that for the most accurate setup, it is advisable to refer to the wiring diagram located on the inside of the cover lid. This wiring diagram may not align precisely with the layout of your control pack.

1. Our objective is to locate the J33 connector & J45 Connector which are situated on the board encircled in (BLUE) for example.

2. You will find a "Y" split cable connected to either the J33 or J45 slot (RED) connector. It is crucial to identify which of these connectors corresponds to the Topside display unit and the Status Pro unit (the Canadian spa logo LED module within one of the panels on the front of your spa).

3. To determine which connector corresponds to the side, disconnect either J33 or J45.

4. Restore power to the spa and check whether the disconnected cable corresponds to the Status Pro unit or the Topside's status. If there is no display, reconnect the initially disconnected cable and instead disconnect the second one

Note: Be advised that the hot tub must be filled with water according to the required amount Shown on your owner's manual to minimize any additional issues.