If you are experiencing a No communication error with the topside panel, this is likely due to the connectivity failure on the Main board and/or to the topside panel display.

In order to troubleshoot the No COM error message, you may need to perform certain board configuration tweaks, only if you are comfortable to do so, this should not take more than 15 minutes - see below:

You will have to locate the Control pack, typically located below the topside panel - by removing the panel of the spa below, you will have access to the internal Pump and control pack along with other structural components.

The control pack should state "Balboa" system and shaped as such, see below:

By removing the two top screws of the cover on the control pack, you will gain access to the main board to complete the work.


Please note that it's best to use the wiring diagram shown behind the cover lid for accurate match setup - Wiring diagram may not match the same layout of your control pack.

1. We are looking for J33 portion found in the board (lower bottom right area) circled in BLUE

2. There will be a "Y" split cable plugged into that J33 or J45 slot (RED) and one of its ends will connect to the grey connection for the control panel.

3. Remove the splitter cable from the circuit board and plug the control panel (display) directly and switch their position. If the unit was originally connected to J45, connect that to J33 instead if applicable.

Note: Be advised that the hot tub must be filled with water according to the required amount Shown on your owner's manual to minimize any additional issues.

If you do not wish to complete the troubleshoot, please let us know and we can schedule a service call and assign a technician who is available depending if the service call is under warranty or out of warranty.