How to replace a UV Bulb in a Glacier AO3P Wave Zone

Starting on 2022 models, our tubs are UV ready. This means that the tubs come with a Glacier AO3P Wave Zone installed and a bulb needs to be purchased in order to get the Wave Zone functional. 

To install a new bulb, follow the steps below or watch the video HERE.

1. Power the tub OFF before you start.

2. Remove the front cabinet panels on the same side where the topside is located. The AO3P Wave zone is usually located on this side. There should be a sticker on the cabinet panel indicating the location of this wave zone. Make sure to have the spa cover off as the skirt may be blocking/hiding the sticker.

3. Remove the lid from the AO3P box.

4. Using gloves to handle the bulb, remove it from the packaging.


4. Insert the bulb all the way down into the metal chamber and gently push it down.

5. Connect the bulb to the loose plug as shown below.

6. Put the AO3P lid back in place, reinstall the cabinet panels previously removed to access the AO3P box and power the tub ON.

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