Setting/checking Filtration Cycles in a Balboa TP500 Topside.

1. Press “MENU” button few times until your screen flashes "FLTR".

2. Press “TEMP UP” or “TEMP DOWN” buttons to see current filtration settings. Recommended and preset duration for the filtration cycles are 2 hours (2:00 on the screen) which means the pump will be running for filtration in low speed for 2 hours every 12 hours. If filtration are found to be set for any duration longer than 2 hours, proceed to adjust it to 2:00 (2 hours) by using the TEMP UP or DOWN buttons, then press the "MENU" button to save the changes.

NOTE: F1 or F12 on your screen indicates the tub is currently running the filtration cycle and the pump cannot be turned off until the cycle has been completed. An extended duration of the filtration cycle would potentially lead to issues like the tub overheating because of the extra heat generated by the pump running for a longer duration, etc.