Our Spas include an upgraded entertainment system equipped with speakers, digital MP3 audio and Bluetooth audio stream sound systems. To set up the Bluetooth feature, follow the steps below:

1. Turn your Spa audio ON by pressing the power button on the audio topside located next to the main topside.

2. Enable the Bluetooth feature in the device being used to play the audio and search for BT163 or H163.

3. Select it and pair, no password is required.

4. Control the volume through the audio topside and enjoy!


5. If there are issues with pairing the device with the Spa Bluetooth, open the audio door and look for the Bluetooth receiver. A blue light should be blinking indicating the Bluetooth is getting power.

6. Unplug the Bluetooth receiver and reconnect it back. Try to pair with BT163 or H163.

7. If there is not blue light on the Bluetooth receiver and unplugging it and reconnecting it does not help, unplug it and connect it into a different power source available in your home. (PC, Laptop). 

8. If there is still no blue light, the receiver would need to be replaced. If there is blue light when connected to a different source, there may be an issue with the audio system in your tub. Contact us at service@canadianspacompany.com for further assistance.