As you prepare for your upcoming service appointment, please be mindful of the following:

A responsible adult needs to be present (unless otherwise arranged) at time of service to direct the technician

Your spa needs to be accessible for service. Before an appointment is booked, you will be asked to provide pictures of the spa installation and to confirm accessibility

Any pets in your home should be safely secured PRIOR to the service technician's arrival and should be kept secured until the technician has completed his work and left your property. While your pets may be friendly, they do not assist your technician in completing their work in an efficient manner 

Please ensure the technician has a clear work space; all household items are stored away, there is a clear path to your spa and any areas the technician needs to access has been cleaned and is free of debris

If the technician must come inside your house, all residents must abide Covid-19 safety protocols including masking and social distancing requirements

If the technician is working in your backyard and you must enter, please ensure you maintain 2 meters of social distancing and wear a mask

If our technician does not feel safe or is uncomfortable that safety protocols are not being followed, they will leave the premises and the service call will need to be rebooked with our Customer Care Team

Please be aware that we are unable to book a service call or attend a service call in the following situations:

If you or someone in your household:

Is experiencing any of the symptoms related to Covid-19

Is self-isolating or has recently been diagnosed with Covid-19

Is currently awaiting a Covid-19 test result

Have recently returned from International Travel and/or returned from a country on the quarantine list

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Canadian Spa Company