If you just got your tub delivered or if you are facing a situation where the circulation Pump (Jets 1) in the tub has stopped working and you are experiencing freezing temperatures, the best way to avoid freezing damages that are not covered under the manufacturer warranty is by placing an space heater under the tub until you can get further assistance. 

To do this, make sure to first shut the power to your Spa OFF by flipping your GFCI OFF for 240V Spas or by unplugging the power cord from the power supply for 120V Spas. 

Next, proceed to remove the front cabinet panels of your tub (side where the topside is located) and continue to place the space heater where you find room to do so. The closer you can put it to your circulation pump, the better. However, if this is not possible, simply place it anywhere you have enough room.

Then, proceed to put the cabinet panels back to the original position trying to keep the heat inside the Spa.

To watch a video showing how to properly place the space heater, click HERE