Hot Tub Needs To Be ON To Perform

Step 1 - Locate the dip-switch and flick the first switch in the upwards position


 Step 2 - Check display panel should have a T  instead of the F/C


Step 3 - Hold TEMP UP button until it flashes then hit lights button to get to SETUP


Step 4 - Use the TEMP UP buttons to scroll till you see the S - - and a number - push lights button then use the TEMP buttons to change the number UP or DOWN to change the number on the right to a 9 - then hit lights button again

Step 5 - You will hear a click, MEM RESET will go across screen - let the tub turn itself on and back on.Give it a few seconds and then turn the dip-switch back down (the first one we turned on)


Step 6 - Purge AIR will come up and you can turn jets on to clear the message. You will see the F now instead of the T on the panel