For Spas with 2 Pumps, there might be cases where Pump 1 operates properly on low and high speeds but when Pump 2 is pressed, the Jets indicator light turns ON but the actual Pump does not turn ON and you cannot hear any sound that could indicate that the Pump is trying to start. For these cases, is recommendable to check that the fuse is not blown before considering to replace the actual Pump.

To check the fuse, follow the steps as indicated below:

1. Power OFF the Spa.

2. Remove the front cabinet panels to access to the Control System and open it to reveal the wiring.

3. As caution and to ensure there is no power at all flowing through the Spa, you may use the voltmeter to test the voltage across the terminal block and confirm they all read zero.

4. Looking at the printed Diagram located on the back of the lid of the Control System, locate the F1 30A fuse that controls Pump 2.

5. Remove the fuse and using a voltmeter, check for continuity by placing the prons on each end of the fuse. If the fuse is in good condition, you should hear a long beep. Otherwise if no sound is heard, the fuse would be blown.

If you are unable to test continuity on this fuse, you can momentarily replace F1 with F5 and test if Pump 2 comes ON with this fuse in place. If it does, then you have confirmed that fuse F1 is blown and would need to be replaced.

6. If the fuse is blown, proceed to replace it making sure you use a replacement fuse with the same amperage than the blown one (30A). Test continuity on the replacement to ensure is in good condition and proceed to put it in place.

7. Put the Control System lid in place as well as the removed cabinet panels. 

8. Power the tub ON and test Pump 2 to ensure it is now working properly.

To watch a video showing how to check for a blown fuse on Pump 2, click HERE.