Filtration Cycles are meant to maintain your Spa water clean and healthy for the users. The Okanagan and Saskatoon Spas allow the user to set the Filtration Cycles from 1 up to 8 hours (F1-F8). The first preset filtration cycle begins 6 minutes after the spa is energized while the second preset filtration cycle begins 12 hours later.

The recommended duration and the one preset from factory is 2 hours (F2). This means the Pump would be running for 2 hours every 12 hours and during this process you should see the "Jets" indicator light ON. Please note that you cannot turn the Pump OFF when the tub is running the filtration cycles.

Okanagan Spa
Saskatoon Spa

To set the Filtration Cycles:

  1. Press the "Temperature Up or Down" buttons.
  2. The temperature on the display will flash, then press the "Jets" button.
  3. Use the Up or Down buttons to move to the next duration.
  4. Set the Filtration Cycle to F2 as recommended (2 hours).

To watch a video showing how to access to the Spa Filtration Cycles, please click HERE.