The power cord on an Acrylic Plug and Play Spa can be replaced with the In-line 20ft GFCI. By doing this, you will get a longer power cord which would provide you more flexibility at the time of choosing the desired spot to place your tub without having to use an extension cord. Since the GFCI head is inline on the cord and no longer at the end of the cord, this will also provide you with more room if you need to connect more than once device on the same power outlet.

To get this replacement completed, follow the steps below.

1. Unplug your existing GFCI power cord from the power outlet.

2. Remove the front cabinet panels to reveal the Control System and using an screwdriver, remove the lid as shown below to expose the wiring.

3. In order to release the power cord and get it replaced, proceed to loose the Neutral and Hot wires from the terminal block as well as the Ground wire located on the side of the Control System.

4. Once all 3 connections have been loose, simply pull the black power cord out of the Control System and proceed to follow the cord back to fully release it. You may encounter some zip ties on your way that would need to be removed.

5. Once the cord is free to be moved, proceed to pull it from the outside of the tub until to get the old cord completely out of the tub.

6. To install the new 20" Power cord with an In-Line GFCI, simply feed the new cord backwards through the designated spot on the cabinet panel until the new cord reaches the Control System.

7. Feed the new cord through the side of the Control System and proceed to connect the wires (Neutral, Hot and Ground) into the same spots from where the old power cord was disconnected. Make sure all 3 connections are tight and secure so they can make full contact.

8. Once all 3 connections have been made, proceed to close the Control System to complete the installation. Place the cabinet panels back into position and connect the new power cord into the designated power outlet. Test the GFCI, by pressing the Reset and Test buttons.

To watch a video showing this installation step by step, click HERE.