If your spa will not be used for an extended period in a location where there is a likelihood of below freezing temperatures, the spa should be "winterized" to reduce the chances of damage caused by freezing.

Please ensure that you have the following on hand before you begin:

  • Garden Hose + Drain Valve Hose Adapter or Submersible Pump (for draining)
  • Wrench or Oil Filter Wrench
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Sponge or Towel

Winterization Procedure

  1. Shut off the power to the spa.
  2. Drain the spa of all water using a garden hose or submersible pump.
  3. If the spa is equipped with a Blower, turn on the power and run the blower for 10 seconds to clear the air channels of water.
  4. Shut off the power to the spa.
  5. Disconnect the inlet and outlet unions to the Control Pack (unions on the left and right of the heater tube). Tilt the Control Pack slightly to allow any remaining water to run out. Using a wet/dry vacuum or similar product, suction/blow any additional water out of the disconnected lines, Control Pack and Pump heads.
  6. Remove the motors, pumps, electronics, and blowers and store them in a warm dry place to prevent moisture damage. Leave the Topside Control Panel in place and seal the wire ends in a plastic bag.
  7. Using a wet/dry vacuum, suction/blow water from each jet and open line.
  8. Remove any remaining water from the tub using a sponge, towel, or wet/dry vacuum.
  9. Make sure the Drain Valve is left open (see our solution Drain Valve - How to Use for more information).
  10. Cover all open pipes with screen mesh to prevent debris from entering the system.
  11. Wrap the tub with a hard cover (for added protection; cover the spa with tarpaulin or our Insulated Spa Jacket).


  • Use an oil filter wrench rather than a standard wrench when loosening the unions to reduce the chances of damage
  • You do not need to remove the pump, pack or other parts as long as you ensure that there is absolutely NO water left in the parts or spa
  • If a Wet/Dry Vacuum is not available, use a similar device (i.e. a leaf blower) to suction/blow the water out of the pump, pack and other lines
  • Towel dry the inside of the tub to make sure it is completely dry

For more information, please click HERE to watch our Winterization instructional video.

NOTE: Damage caused by moisture, condensation, and/or any other problems arising from winterizing your spa are not covered under warranty.

For further assistance or service quotes, please contact Customer Service.