The Topside of a Hot Tub, also called Spa display, allows the user to control basic Spa functions such us setting the temperature, activating the jets, turning on/off the LED lights but will also allow to adjust the desired duration of the filtration cycles or switch between the heating modes as desired, etc.

Although not common, there are cases where the topside of your Spa will need to be replaced if one or more buttons are no longer responding when pressed or if the information displayed is not completed as shown on the photo below.

In order to have a Balboa TP600 Topside* replaced, follow the steps below.

1. Turn the Spa power OFF.

2. Remove the Cabinet Panel directly below the topside and the one to the left side to reveal the wiring that connects the topside to the Control System**.

** The location of the Control System may vary depending on the model of hot tub, but the Topside and Control System will always be on the same side of the tub.

3. Remove the cover of the control system to reveal the wiring and going down from the topside, follow the cable that connects the topside to the Control System to gently pull it out. Usually there will be a green label attached to this cable.

4. Once the wire has been released from the Control System, uses a flat screwdriver and gently place it between the topside and the acrylic. Apply a little force all around the topside to get it separated from the acrylic surface.

5. Once the topside has been released from the Acrylic surface, you would need to find the zip tie that keeps the wire attached to the plumbing in the tub. To do so, you may need to remove some of the foam insulation that cover such pipes until you reach the zip tie. Using a knife or scissors, cut the zip tie to fully release the wire and pull the topside off.

6. To install the replacement topside, feed the wire through the opening on the acrylic and run the wire all the way down until the Control System to connect it on the same spot where the original topside was connected. If you are unsure about where the topside should be connected, you may refer to the wiring diagram printed on the back of the Control System's cover.

7. Once the topside has been properly connected to the Control System, next step would be to secure it to the acrylic surface. To do so, clean any debris that may be left from the old topside and remove the sticker at the bottom of the new topside. Before placing down the new topside on the acrylic surface, make sure that the 4 indicator lights on the topside are facing down as shown below, center it and gently press down to secure it on place.

8. Once the topside is secured in place, last step would be to attach the corresponding topside overlay. Remove the glued sticker from the back of the overlay and proceed to place it on the new topside making sure you properly align and center the overlay with the screen as much as possible.

9. Once the installation has been completed, proceed to power up the tub as normal and confirm if the new topside is lighting up and working properly. As soon as the power to the tub has been restarted, you should be able to see the start up messages on the screen. You may press each of the buttons on the new topside to ensure all functions are properly working.

To watch a video showing step by step a Topside replacement, click HERE.

*To order a replacement TP600 Topside, click HERE if in Canada or HERE if in US.