IMPORTANT: Before filling the spa, it is important to read and understand the water chemistry section of this manual. Do not proceed until the water chemistry section is understood and the source water is tested.

Follow these filling instructions to avoid damage to the spa pumps:

1. Leave power to the spa off until spa is completely filled.

2. Never leave an unfilled spa exposed to direct sunlight without the Spa Cover installed. Resulting damage such as bubbles and wrinkles in the spa shell and fading of the jet faces is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Never operate spa pumps without water because this could result in permanent pump and/or heater damage which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Remove all warning labels from spa shell.

5. Apply Acrylic Surface Protection solution if desired to keep the spa shell clean, especially around the water line. Follow package instructions.

6. Remove the filter lid, basket and filter cartridge.

7. Inspect all Jets (shipping may cause jets to become loose or detached). Check to see that the black Drain Valve (located to the left or right of the front access panel) is closed and that all barrel unions are tight. The slice valves should be open. IMPORTANT: Follow the next steps closely to prevent damage to the Spa Pumps.

8. Insert garden hose or other clean water source directly into filter housing. Push hose pipe into filter housing until it stops. Fill up to bottom of the LED lights. Secure hose placement and turn on water. Filling the spa through the filter housing prevents an air lock from occurring in the spa pumps, which is an air pocket preventing the flow of water through the pump. Permanent damage caused by running the pump with an air lock (or without water) is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

10. Check for leaks! Although spas are fully checked at the factory, shipping and delivery might cause a leak.

11. Before power is applied familiarise yourself with the spa control operations.

12. Adding some Scale Control during the filling process reduces limescale. Follow package instructions.

13. Turn water off and remove hose.

14. Reinstall filter cartridge, basket and filter lid.

15. Add start-up Chemicals after power is turned on. Refer to Powering Up the Spa section.


Once the spa is properly wired and filled with water, the spa power can be turned on and Start-up chemicals added.

1. Turn on GFCI breaker. If breaker trips immediately check wire connections. Upon initial power up, 4 sets of numbers flash on the LED display of the topside Console. The last number in the sequence is the incoming power meter which can be used to verify that the spa is wired correctly.

2. The spa begins an automatic priming routine which will last 5 minutes (“Pr” is on the LED display).

3. The priming routine will automatically run each spa pump to prime. When the “Pr” is displayed, press any PUMP button to prime that pump or wait for the priming routine to turn on the Pump. IMPORTANT: To avoid pump damage, do not run pumps for more than 1 minute without moving water. If no water is moving, turn the power off and perform air lock procedure.

4. The Topside Console display flashes “100F” then “--F” for approximately 2 minutes to determine water temperature as it flows through the heater.

5. The default pre-set temperature is 100F. The last measured temperature is constantly displayed on the LCD readout. This temperature will be current only when the pump has been running for at least 2 minutes. Set the desired temperature between 80-104°F (26- 40°C) by pressing the temp button(s). If the water temperature is below the set temperature, the spa’s heater and heat indicator light will turn on. All features of the Topside Console will be available. The spa will heat approximately 1° every 30 minutes per 1,000 litres.

6. Check for leaks! Although spas are fully checked at the factory, shipping & delivery might cause a leak. Remember to pay attention to barrel unions adjoining the heater. Contact your Canadian Spa dealer directly if there is a problem.

If your new spa pump does not prime (flow) on the initial start-up you may be experiencing an “air lock”. This normal occurrence can be easily corrected by loosening the plumbing union on the suction side of the Jet or Circulation Pump until water flows into the pump and all air is expelled.