The Black Ice Air Valve can be found on certain models of Hot Tubs such as Kingston, Alberta, Halifax, etc. The valve is used to control the flow of air injected into the jets to regulate the intensity of the massage. When the valve is turned ON, the pressure of the water on the jets should increase and when the valve is turned OFF the pressure should decrease. When this does not happen, the O-Ring inside the valve might be misplaced and to correct the issue, the valve should be removed.

1. Rotate the valve counter clockwise applying a little pressure until the valve pops up. 

2. Check there are 2 O-rings on the back of the Valve.

3. If the smaller O-Ring is not present, it probably came off the valve and should be sitting inside the acrylic housing. Grab it and place it back into the corresponding groove on the valve making sure it gets flat.

4. Once both O-Rings are secured in place, proceed to put the valve back into the tub making sure that the 2 tabs on the valve align with the tabs on the fitting, push down and rotate clock wise. The valve should now be able to rotate to properly open and close.

To watch a video showing this procedure, click HERE.