There Ozone Check Valve is located at the end of the clear/white tubing going out from the bottom of the Ozone Generator and is meant to allow only air to pass through from the Ozone Generator into the Spa. When the valve becomes defective, it will allow water to flow from the Spa towards the Ozone Box, leaking from the defective valve.

To have the Ozone Check Valve replaced, follow steps below:

1. Locate the Ozone Generator which is typically near the Control System of your Spa*.

                                                                          *Toronto model. Location may vary depending on the model of Spa.*

2. Follow the clear/white tubing coming from the bottom of the Ozone Generator to find the black check valve surrounded by 2 metal clamps. 

3. Using an screwdriver, loose the metal clamps that hold the valve in place. Pull from the bottom tube to expose one end of the black check valve and pull from the actual valve to completely remove it from the top tubing.

4. Proceed to place the new valve making sure that the printed arrow on the valve is pointing towards the tub and getting away from the Ozone Generator.

5. Tight the metal clamps previously removed to secure the new valve in place.

To view a video showing how to replace the Ozone Check Valve, click HERE.