There are a few things you can do to try to restore power to the unit:

1. Disconnect the PCU from the tub (apply port caps inside tub) and plug the unit into a standard household wall outlet ensuring that it makes full contact.
If you are able to get power when the unit is plugged directly into the wall in another location, the issue is with the extension cord or the outlet you have been using.
Please note that we don't recommend extension cord use as it can cause such issues.

2. Open the GFCI shell and check for signs of water inside (see instructions for opening and proper connections below).
Any residual rain water/humidity in the GFCI will cause the unit to trip for your safety. If water is found, allow the plug to dry out completely.
A blow dryer can be used to speed up the process but please be sure not to apply heat too close to the connections.
Once dry, close the shell and try plugging the unit in once more.

                                                                                      Making the Right Connections    

                                                                            Below are examples of POOR CONNECTIONS